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Pomfret big

1 piece

Rs 1900

Pomfret medium

1 piece

Rs 1650

Pomfret small

1 piece

Rs 1450

Prawns big

1 piece

Rs 1500

Prawns medium

1 piece

Rs 1300

Prawns small

1 piece

Rs 1000

Surmai slices

1 piece

Rs 1600


1 kg

Rs 650

Bombil(bombay duck)

1 piece

Rs 650

Premium Fish

Prawns Curry Masala

Prawn curry is a simple delicious & flavourful dish made of fresh prawns, onions, tomatoes & spice powders. It is also known as prawns masala & pairs well with rice, roti or phulka. Indian cuisine is very diverse and most foods are made in their regional style with locally available ingredients. This prawn curry has always been a winner at home for its simplicity and delicious taste.


Importance of Fish

Fish as a food is consumed by many animal species, including humans. Three quarters of the Earth are covered by water, so fish has been an important part of the diet of humans in almost all countries in the world since the dawn of time. Fish is one of the cheapest sources of animal proteins and availability and affordability is better for fish in comparison to other animal protein sources. Fish serves as a health-food for the affluent world owing to the fish oils which are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), specifically w-3 PUFAs and at the same time, it is a health-food for the people in the other extreme of the nutrition scale owing to its proteins, oils, vitamins and minerals and the benefits associated with the consumption of small indigenous fishes.

Nutrient profiling of fishes show that fishes are superior nutrients and umpteen number of health benefits are believed to be associated with routine fish consumption. Fish, especially saltwater fish, is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are heart-friendly, and a regular diet of fish is highly recommended by nutritionists. This is conjectured to be one of the major causes of reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases in Eskimos. It has been suggested that the longer lifespan of Japanese and Nordic populations may be partially due to their higher consumption of fish and seafood. The Mediterranean diet likewise based on a rich intake of fish. Fish are also great for the skin. Nutritionists recommend that fish be eaten at least 2-3 times a week. Oily fish is claimed to help prevent a range of other health problems from mental illness to blindness. The health benefits of eating fish are being increasingly understood now.


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